Visualization: Week 10 – My Chicago Marathon Journey

Greetings good people, today we are in the middle of week 10 of 18 during my Chicago Marathon journey. Each week, I provide a video of my progress of the training program. And as usual, this week was no joke as well, but we are making it through and pushing for our goals.

Visualization is the key!

This week, I have been focused on visualizing my success of running the outline distances on a daily basis. Before I leave the house, I get a mental picture of me turning around at the half way point with my bounce, then again I see myself coming down my street, running strong, and finishing the run with my head up running high.

Thus far, this visualization has really worked for me in my training and I want to begin to extend it into the rest of my life. This is something that I use to do in the past, but have gotten away from it in recent years. The time is now to bring it back.

Are you hurt or injured?

This is a question my football coaches would ask players during my entire career in the sport. They would say, if you are hurt, then get back in the game. But if you are injured, be sure to get in the training room, start your treatments, so we can get you back on the field and in a position to help the team win.

Last week, I sustained a foot injury that has left me hobbling a bit, using ice packs, and soaking my feet. This is something that I should probably be doing anyway, but now that the injury is here, I am really starting to take care of my feet. After all, they are what is going to literally carry me through on completing this goal of running the 2010 Chicago Marathon.

As usual, I am raising money for the Grand Prairie Library here in Hazel Crest, Illinois. If you can make a donation it would be much appreciated. I am asking for $26 minimum as if I can run 26 miles, you can donate $26.

Visit the fundraiser page for more information:

Health is Wealth, get some in your life!

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