Think Taylor helps you Create a Web Presence

Business owners and professionals must have a strong web presence with a fully functional website and accompanying social media presence that builds their brands awareness, trust, and conversion rates.

Today if you don’t, your clients and customers might feel you have something to hide. But it isn’t good enough to just have a website and a social media presence, but you must have one that professionally represents your brand, engages your customer, and increases the value of your offering.

This is when you must Think Taylor!

Allow us to help you:

  • Create a fully branded website, logo, and color scheme.
  • Help develop the appropriate content for your market and website.
  • Establishing communication and contact opportunities for visitors.
  • Employ a blogging feature on your website.
  • Insert videos into your content.
  • Build an email list for a newsletter or future communication.
  • Accept payment from clients and customers via the Internet.
  • Fully integrate social media accounts into the website.
  • Establish and brand social media accounts.
  • Give you tools to post messages across all your social media accounts at one time.
  • Help you understand the social media landscape and impact on your business.
  • Train you on how to make basic changes to your website without a designer.
  • And do all of this for under $1,000.

Sound impossible?

Not when you Think Taylor. Contact us today!

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