NO EXCUSES: Chicago Marathon Training – Week 7

There are not many things that we tolerate in the Taylor household when it comes to our children and life. Excuses are one of those things that are on the top of the list. We cannot stand them and neither should you. In fact, you shouldn’t even make them.

When it comes down getting something done, making excuses does nothing for anyone, so let’s be sure not to make them cause they are too easy to do. They are everywhere. What you have to realize is that there will always be an easy way out of you not doing something, not taking it seriously, not working your hardest for it. There will always be short cuts, corners to cut and reasons not to give a 100%. It will rain when you need to be outside. You will not have enough time as your day all of a sudden becomes full. It will happen and much, much more.

But when it comes to your health, you cannot afford to cut corners, play games, or make excuses. None of us are getting any younger and time to get active is now before it is too late.

I am closing out week 7 of Chicago marathon training and it is kicking my butt. This 18 week program is no joke. Could I take a day off, could I cut a corner here or there? I am sure I could, but let me tell you when it comes time to run 26.2 miles in the hot sun, everyday that you cheated, cut a corner or took a day off will show. When you are following a training program or a plan, you cannot afford to look for short cuts cause it will show when it is time to put up or shut up.

Enjoy my video on week 7 of marathon training. Remember Health is Wealth, get some in your life, but also, all things happen FIRST IN THE MIND, THEN IN REALITY!!

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