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These are a few of the things that I utilize in my business to help me be more successful. You never know, maybe a few of them might work for you as well. As with anything in business, the idea is to test, test, test, find something you like and that works, then test, test, test again until you have a real understanding of how something works. Take a look around and see what I got that is good for you and your business.

Public Library

I figured that I would kick things off with the best tool in the universe, the public library. There are two wonderful things about the public library to remember. The first is that it is free. Know you cannot beat that. And you might had socialism, but you have to admit that the public library system is awesome. Second thing to remember is you can get any book in the world. This is the best feature of the library by far. All you have to do is tell them what book you want and if it isn’t on their shelves, they will have it mailed to you and call you when it arrives. Isn’t that something? Take advantage.


The big “G” is awesome. What can I say? You can find just about anything in the world on Google and it is the top used search engine on the planet and beyond. The best part is that it is free, so you cannot go wrong. Begin your research with Google and bookmark worthwhile sites along the way.

Recommended Tools I Use

* HostGator – Dependable hosting from $7.99/mo.

To put it simple, HostGator is the best hosting service on the planet. I have been building websites and learning my way around the net since 2003. HostGator is head and shoulders above anything else out there. Yes, they can take care of all of your high tech server needs for the business owner with one site or a website flipper that needs a reseller program to work with multiple cPanels. But the magic of this company is in their customer service. Host Gator understands they are they are solve the problems for their customers. Their instant messaging system is the best and you always get a live person no matter the time. You may have to wait in line, but once someone gets on the line with you they really take care of your needs. And their phone support is second to none. There is an 800 and they are really there to help. Both options are great and is what sets Host Gator apart from other hosting companies I have dealt with in the past.

* Aweber – eMail, autoresponder system

Aweber is the professional auto-responder system that ever entrepreneur needs to manage and keep their email list. What is the purpose of building a list if you are not going to fully take advantage of it. With multiple avenues to generate double opt-in email address, this is exactly what you need. I have been using the service since 2006 after messing with a few free options and have been totally satisfied every sense. You can create an unlimited amount of campaigns, capture an unlimited amount of emails, and send an unlimited about of emails. Check it out.

* Market Leverage – Affiliate Marketing Partner

As it stands, Market Leverage is the only affiliate program that I am using. They have supplied me with all the campaigns I have ever needed. I must admit that I am not heavily into affiliate marketing at the moment, but know that I will be in the future and market leverage will be part of this. I have used ML for many of my site flips that I have completed and need an affiliate program to sell in the sidebar to make the offering more attractive. If you are looking for an affiliate program to get with, then check out Market Leverage. It is free to join, so you can kick the tires and see what it is all about.

* OIO Publisher – Private Advertising System

OIO Publisher is for private ad sales. Most people are using the 125×125 banners and selling them to advertisers. Well, OIO manages this process for you and makes everything really easy for you to use, operate, and bill the client. In addition, you can make your ads any size that you want so you there is no restriction. This is a one time payment and you own the application outright, no re-occuring cost associated with it. Check out and take your business to the next level with professionalism and options.

* I’m On A Budget – Resource for Bloggers, $15

Aren’t we all on a budget? Well, my man Joe from put together a great package for you to get an insane amout of PLR ebooks for just $15 bucks. Inside this package is literally, hundreds of PLR ebooks from just about every subject you can think of. Check it out, it is a great deal. I site flip regularly and Joe’s ebooks have come in handy when I need a product to anchor my site flip. In addition, you can incorporate these ebooks into niche sites you have and sell them there. Finally, you can give away these ebooks as incentives to get people to subscribe to your website or newsletter. Either way, it is a win-win situation for everyone involved and it will not break the budget.

* Word Tracker – The Best Keyword Tool Available

Word Track is the best keyword researching tool on the market. Word Tracker gives you a back office to die for. You can break down keywords in more ways than you probably care to know. The good thing is the designers over at Word Tracker obviously understand the importance of long tail keywords and have allowed it to go deeper into the research of keywords than anything else on the market. If you are serious about SEO and keyword research, then you must have Word Tracker. No doubt.

* Elegant Themes – All the themes you need $19.95/yr

Elegant Themes put out a show stopper here. If you have been blogging for a while or are new to blogging, you may know that people switch and change themes as they are developing. The problem sometimes is finding themes that you need at that right moment. Or you may be a site flipper and need multiple, premium themes at your finger tips to keep your work fresh and knew. Or maybe you are developing a portfolio of niche sites that drive money and traffic to you. Either way, Elegant Themes has a serious collection for you that they are constantly adding to and the price is only $19.95/yr. Good price for great themes.

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