It’s Over – My Chicago Marathon Journey Ends

Greetings everyone,

Today is a tough day for me as I have to inform you that my training for the Chicago Marathon has come to an end. A few weeks back we talked about the difference between being hurt and injured. I thought I was hurt, so I rested. Took some time off. Road the bike for training and basically rested my foot hoping to heal in time to get back on my training schedule.

Well, the day came for me to get back out there and run 4 miles for the day. I ran the four miles, limped the last mile, and couldn’t walk the next day. Actually, the next few days I was limping very badly. At that point I had to make a decision.


The decision I made was to stop the marathon training. No sense in pushing to run 26.2 miles, when a short 4 mile run results in days of not being able to walk normally. If I were to try and push through this injury I fear that it might lead to long term pain and this is not something that I am willing to risk.

Therefore, I have to stop my dream of completing the Chicago 2010 marathon, but will not give it up. I will be back next year ready to make it happen.


The real downer is that I had to also stop the fundraiser I was doing for the local library here in Hazel Crest. It was my first philanthropic endeavor, I am positive there will be more in the future. So, I will take this experience and make sure I start fundraising earlier and more often to make sure we raise some good funds for a great cause.


That’s right. Just cause I have a foot injury and I cannot run the distances I would like, it hasn’t stopped me from working out. In fact, I am back to flirting with the P90X routine that I enjoyed so much. However, this time I am not doing a 90 day workout. I am just doing the upper body stuff every other day and then going to Ballys to ride the stationary bike to supplement my cardio. My foot still isn’t healed and I don’t want to try and run on it yet. Figure I will wait until next year to get back out there and start running again.

Nevertheless, after losing 15 pounds from training for the marathon, I am in great shape. Now I will use the P90X workouts to get ripped again and back to looking and feeling great like I did once before.


There is no doubt in my mind that it is critical for entrepreneurs, the self employed, and even the employed to make sure that you continue your physical fitness. We sit behind our desk, in our office, in a cubical for 8 to 10 hours a day, plus driving and must ensure that we are getting good workouts that will help the body maintain it’s shape, form, and fitness levels. These things are not going to happen by themselves, so you have to ensure that you are working to make it happen. And I am here to motivate you to do so!

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