I Will Read 40+ Books in 2015. How Many Will You Commit To Reading?

The calendar year has flipped once again, boys and girls. Hopefully, you have been working diligently towards building and preparing for this wonderful year ahead. I know I have and am very excited to rip the doors off this year of my goals and ambitions….starting with my reading.

As an entrepreneur, I know reading continually  building our knowledge base is critically important to our future. Therefore, I don’t want to waste any more time not reading and filling my head with wonderful ideas, case studies, stories, laws and more to put them into my business and future.

My Reading Goal

REading Challenge 2015In 2015, I will read 40+ books this year. Just going to take some daily focus of reading 25 pages a day, 5 days a week at a minimum. I want to pick it up in 2015 because I lagged last year.

Here is my yearly book break down:

(Click the year and it will take you to the list of books I read that year.)

2012 – 41 Books
2013 – 30 Books
2014 – 20 Books

91 Books over the last three years isn’t bad at all. Most people don’t read that many in their post school lifetime, so I know i’m ahead of the curve, but i’m not an average person. Therefore, it is time to drive that number up.

40+ on deck for 2015 and here is the Pinterest thread I will be keeping tabs on them if you are interested in following and reading along.


The Book Is In Your Court

Well? Are you going to join me on this reading adventure in 2015? I think you should. If you are, how many books are you committing to this year that will help you in every phase of your life?

All the Best,


Freddie Taylor

Your running, reading, and beer drinking entrepreneur!

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