How To Use Facebook @ Mentions Feature

facebook-picsToday, I want to share with you a great little feature that Facebook has called @ Mentions. It is very simple to use and is actually quite practical to use, but first a little background. I omitted this from the video as I was just trying to get down to business.

@ Mentions is Facebook’s response to Twitter’s @ Replies that allow people to carry on a conversation via Twitter by alerting a specific person or persons that you are talking directly to them. It is quite useful for Twitter, but also useful on Facebook as well.

Facebook @ Mentions

This little feature allows you to talk directly to a specific person in your status updates. If you use it, your status shows up on your page, but also shows up on the page of the person or people that you are talking to so they are assured to get your message. It is really great and allows you to gain some additional exposure in the process.

To use the @ Mentions feature, all you have to do is type the @ symbol followed by the person’s name that you are speaking to. Once you type the @ symbol and then one letter, you will get a drop down list of potential people that you could be speaking with. Select their name and continue with your message. That is it!

I said it was very simple, easy and practical to use as well. One note, you cannot use the @ Mentions feature in the comment section on Facebook. That would be great, but not possible at the moment. So there you have it, you are now in total control of the Facebook @ Mention feature. Go forward and intensify your conversations.

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