How to Remove the BS Applications from Facebook

Today, we are discussing how to remove the BS applications from your Facebook page. I think we can agree that Facebook is outstanding. It is by¬† far my favorite social networking platform, however, there are some aspects of it that I don’t like.

Facebook becoming more like MySpace

If you have noticed like I have over the last few months, Facebook has been becoming more and more like MySpace with a bunch of unwanted, unwarrented nonsense that shows up on your page. I think we can all do without this. Facebook has been growing more and more like MySpace with all this crap on it. Non one is liking this madness.

Unlike Myspace, Facebook was Smart

Unlike MySpace, Facebook allows it’s users to opt out of the madness that is ruining the social networking icon. And this is a great thing bcause the last thing i want to do is have to leave Facebook because of this unwanted crap.

How to Remove the BS

Below is a quick video on how to remove the BS applications on Facebook and vastly improve your user experience and profile:

Step by Step Guide:

1) Login to Facebook

2) Click arrow to right of account (upper right corner)

3) Select Application settings

4) From dropdown arrow, select Authorized

5) Click x next to application you want deleted and confirm

6) Repeat until finished

7) Enjoy a revitalized Facebook profile and experience.


  1. I’m such a noob who doesn’t realize how easy it is. We are bombarded with too many junk on FB lately. Good sharing, Big Freddy.


  2. Yan, glad I could be a help. Facebook is awesome, but all those apps and all that mess they are incorporating is blowing it for me.

    It is good though that the programmers are really on top of things and make everything really simple. You just have to know a few of their tricks and you can get rid of all that mess. I have a few more special ones to share and will do so soon.

    Just about to crank up my Balance TV show more first. But I got you. And thanks for stopping by.


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