How to Customize PayPal Payment Pages

Branding is a hot buzz word in business circles these days. There are good reasons this is true. Branding is very important to your business.

If you feel this is important and you accept payments over the Internet via PayPal, then you should definitely continue reading. The point of our discussion today is to show you how to customize your PayPal pages. Nothing like your clients and customers paying you for your products and services, but continuing your branding efforts into the payment process.

Typically, most business owners using PayPal send their clients to PayPal and it is obvious you are going to a third-party website. However, at the end of our tutorial today, you will be able to send your clients to PayPal for payment, but make it seem like they are still on your website. To do this, we will be using the Custom Payment Pages function in PayPal.

Step 1: Login to PayPal & click Profile sub tab


Step 2: Click Selling Preferences, then Custom Payment Pages

From here you are able to Add, Edit, Preview, and Remove styles you have created.

Step 3: Notice My Current PayPal Header

Step 4: Add the Header Image you want to use

You have to scroll to the bottom a bit until you see the section to upload your header image. You will need to upload the image to your website, then get the url of the image you want to use. Place the image url in the location illustrated below and you are all set.

Step 5: New Custom PayPal Header

Here is the results our work today.

If you have any questions or issues, feel free to reach out to me for help, but at this point, you should have the header of your choice.

Here’s to business!

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