How To Best Use Facebook Timeline In Your Business

Today, We are discussing the Facebook Timeline and your business. Facebook changed things up a bit recently and introduced the Facebook Timeline. It is an organized way to present your life online, but there are some business functions and considerations you to be aware of.

Here are my top three uses for Facebook Timeline in your business.

Be Social

People come to Facebook for many reasons. You are more than likely there for business. However, I want to caution you about being to pushy via social media. It doesn’t work. You have to blend into the space and not be one of those people just blasting out constant sales pitches all day long. This is a quick way to get de-friended on Facebook or any other social media outlet.

The Facebook Timeline gives you ample space and functions to be social in this space. In addition to the status updates and commenting on other people’s pages, which is recommended, you have the inclusion of many apps into Timeline. These apps automatically update to Facebook of you grant them permission. One of them is called Spotify, which is a desktop music playing application.

The cool thing about Spotify is it automatically updates Facebook to the type of music you are listening to. This is a great way for your clients, customers, and potentials to see more about who you are as a person. This deepens the body between you two and could potentially help you land the sale in the future.

This is why you need to be more social in Facebook. Give the people a person to go with the business. You could be more social by posting about non business related topics, upload more pictures, and commenting on other status updates.

Utilize Your Cover Image

One of the best parts about the new Facebook Time like is the cover image. This is the large image at the top of a persons profile. It gives you a great space to work your magic if you take a few moments to consider how you want to use this space. The cover image is 840×310 pixels, fyi. The thumbnail image is 180×180.

You could update your cover image with the special or deal of the week/month. You could take this opportunity to further explain your business mode. You could use this space to make a joke about your business or peak someones interest with a provocative image. You could even just put up a professional picture of yourself, branding yourself even further.

The possibilities are endless, but that fact remains that you need to incorporate this space into your business.

Utilize the Facebook List Feature

When it comes to business owners on Facebook, my advice is to be careful. It is understandable you want to express yourself from time to time, but you have to remember you are also representing your business and it’s brand as well. Therefore, everything you as a person would say isn’t always good for your business. The two should be separated.

Thanks to the invention of Google+, Facebook improved a bit with the addition of List. This is a function that was create by Google’s circles, but Facebook was able to integrate with their List.

According to Facebook, Lists are an optional way to you organize your friends on Facebook so you can filter the stories you see in News Feed or post an update for specific people from one part of your life, like your coworkers or friends who live near you.

List are great because they allow you to segment who sees your statuses and updates. This means you can create list of college friends, business contacts, and family (Many more if you like). Each list contains different people in your life, but they all don’t have to see the status updates. When you are talking to old college friends about some incident you when through, all your business contacts don’t have to see the embarrassing conversation.

List allow you to keep parts of your life private, which is a great idea. In addition, when you are blasting out business related information, you can check mark your business contacts, so your family members don’t have to be subjected to your work.

To learn how to set up list, be sure to check out our post here: How To Create List On Facebook

Facebook Timeline can be great for your business. Just be sure to get involved with the online world for your business, but not only for your business. Utilize the cover image to build the brand of your business. And remember to keep your information and contacts segmented.

Here’s to business!

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