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Get back to growing your business. Hire professionals to build, manage and update your website for you.

As a business owner, you recognize the need to have your business on the internet. You start to Google and research ways to build a website despite your many duties and tasks as a business owner, parent, leader, and person.

Despite the time crunch, you plunge into learning web design in hopes of getting your business on the internet. Quickly you realize this is best suited for web geeks. You have too many other tasks to complete.

You decide to hire a professional web design company to complete your website for you. You get all excited with the possibilities and start dreaming of fancy features and the core essentials of the website. The possibilities boost your ambition and you are feeling great about the future.

Your dreams are dashed under the cost. Custom website designers can be very
There is also the possibility of hiring a web designer and two to three months later you still don’t have a functioning website. You hear many horror stories in this area.  This can leave you in same spot where you started, trying to struggle to build your own website…AGAIN!expensive. If you have done your homework, you realize this by now. A few thousand dollars can quickly be spent…AND YOU DON’T HAVE A CUSTOMER OR CLIENT YET.

It can be DIFFICULT to do it yourself, too EXPENSIVE to hire a web designer, and it could take MONTHS to finish.



We will build your website within 3 DAYS and offer an AFFORDABLE low monthly payment option (with NO UPFRONT COST) to alleviate your frustrations. We will even manage and update your website for you.

Think Easy plan offers:


Think Taylor removes the hassles of time and cost barriers to owning a website. The low monthly investment more than pays for itself in the form of branding your business and educating your clients and customers.


How does the Think Easy service work?


These are the steps that are taken to brand your business:


Whether you don’t have a website at all or you own a domain name but haven’t taken the time to maximize the potential of the website, you realize that being frustrated and without a professional website is no way to run your business. You reach out to Think Taylor for a solution.

Step 2. Sign up for the Think Easy Service.

If you don’t currently have a website, Think Taylor can create one for you.  You will only have to choose your preferred domain name plus your profile information and we’ll do the rest.  If you already have a domain name, you will be required to provide your website and profile information before completing the ordering process.

Step 3. Theme/Layout Selection

You will have an opportunity to select a layout for your business website. There are a wide variety of professional styles from which you can choose.  Based on the nature of your business, product, or service, suggestions can be made as to which layout would be the most effective.  You will have the final decision about the layout you feel best expresses your business and its offerings.  Your brand colors will also be implemented.

Step 4: Send Us Your Content

Websites can look good but they need words to make them powerful and images to make them relevant to your target market. To finish your website order, you must provide the content that you would like to be included.

Send us your logo. If you don’t have one, we can use a text logo. They provide a clean and crisp image.  This is a good option if you want to get started right away.  There is also the option of ordering a customized logo from Think Taylor for a small additional cost.

Send us up to 7 images. Images of you, your staff, products, or events can really bring your website to life. Identify a few images you would like to include on the website, but be sure they fit into your message and offering.

Send us your content. You will send us the page names you would like on your website and the actual words that will go on those pages. All of this is included in the content.

Step 5. Construction & Delivery of Your Website

Think Taylor reviews your Think Easy registration.  The selected plan, theme/layout, and content are reviewed and confirmed.  After receipt of all necessary components, work can begin on your website.  You will have your website completed within 3 Business Days.


There is a limited number of websites that will be created for this low price so you are encouraged to order now.


Order Think Easy – $24.99/mo. 

We build and host your website for you. This is a great solution for business owners and professionals looking to gain a web presence, but don’t have the budget for it yet. Having a website designed can be very expensive upfront. However, for this small monthly fee, you will be able to gain the web presence you need at a rate you can afford.




Think Taylor will BUILD, MAINTAIN, & UPDATE your website for you.


Don’t forget to upgrade your Think Easy plan to the include our service package. This is the feature of our offering that will allow you the freedom you need to properly focus on your business and build it. Imagine all you can do if you were able to concentrate on your business and allow us to focus on your website needs.



Order Think Easy + Service Package – $49.99/mo.

Our Service Hosting package is for business owners that need more attention and service. With this package, we are available to provide you with the assistance and maintenance you desire. The service hosting package makes us available for 2 hours a month to update and edit your website. If you need a new page, link changed, or even a picture added, we will be there for you. (Our hourly fees start at $75, so the Service Hosting package will more than pay for itself.)

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