Dedication: Chicago Marathon Training Week 8

It’s week 8 of 18 as I train for the 2010 Chicago Marathon. I am still getting it in as you can see from the video. Working hard at working hard is the mantra of the moment and it is feeling good. Noticing a lot of weight loss during this process, but not in the way I would like.

I mean that I am starting to get all soft from not working out and lifting weights. Therefore, I have decided to work in some push ups, sit ups and pull ups into my weekly routine. On the days that I runs shorter distance and cross training, I will incorporate more of the physical fitness.

Dedication is the watch word of the moment as when you are training for a marathon if you have to be focused and dedicated day and day. You have to put your miles in to have a chance at finishing the 26.2 run. If you don’t put your miles in, then you are kidding yourself thinking you are about to endure a marathon.


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