About Think Taylor

How is Think Taylor a different web design company?

Think Taylor is shaking up the web design business with a radical pricing strategy. Removing the high upfront cost associate with web design, making it affordable to every small business is proving to be a win – win solution for everyone.

If you have gotten a few quotes for your website design project, then you understand how expensive it can be. An affordable web design company is going to charge you anywhere between $1,000 to $3,000 dollars. However, the pricing can go way up from there.

Small Business Fact: Most small business owners and entrepreneurs cannot absorb this kind of investment in the start-up or growth phases of their business. Ironically, this is likely the stages they need the website the most to reach customers, clients, and establish a professional web presence.

Think Taylor is the Solution!

Think Taylor builds and manages websites. The firm is dedicated to helping small businesses develop a digital identity, strengthen their brand and create opportunities to connect with their market. This is all created to allow the business owners, managers, and workforce to stay in their business running the day-to-day operations leaving website design and management to Think Taylor.

When you become a client of Think Taylor, it is like you are inserting the organization into your marketing department and in charge of internet activities. Think Taylor gives small business owners access to professionals in the field of website design, marketing, and social media. These areas are critical to every small business owner, even if they don’t fully understand how and why.

Founded in 2004, Think Taylor understands the website and internet needs of small business owners. Think Taylor has been in the trenches working with these business owners to build their website and developing solutions to their internet needs.

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