Welcome to a Brilliant offering!

Brilliant Jeni sent you here because you have a passion, would like to tell the world all about it, need a website and some assistance to get your dreams into motion.

I am here to help you!

To get the process started, you will need to acquire a domain name and a hosting account. Below, I will provide my recommendations for both. You are not require to use these options, but in my experience along with Brilliant Jeni, we feel these are the best options in the market.


I have used this company since 2006 and haven’t had any problems with their hosting packages. The main reason I recommend them is because of their customer service is second to none.

They are available 24/7 by phone, instant messaging, or email. This is necessary because when your website is done, you cannot earn any money or change the world. Therefore, it needs to get back up and working immediately.


There are a few companies that could recommend for domain hosting, but to save time I will just give you my favorite. The company’s name is Name Cheap, but don’t let the name fool you. This is a robust domain registrar that is fully capable of handling all your needs. They have hosting options, but Host Gator is much better in my opinion.


#3 Forward Hosting and Domain Details

When you sign up for both of these services, you will receive an email with the login and password details to both. Send these emails and details to to start the process of building your website. I cannot start constructing your website until this information has been received.

#4 Details, Details, Details

In addition to the login information you send me, please include the details of the website you would like to buy. Just tell me as much as you can at the time. I will follow up promptly with an email looking to get additional details about your project and make sure our pricing is what you expect.

Before we start, we will agree on a price.

#5 Make Down Payment

50% of the total cost of the website is due at the start of the project and 50% on completion. Payment will be made here:

If you have any questions, feel free to click the contact button above and explain them to me or send an email to

As Brilliant Jeni has mentioned to you, you are in good hands with Think Taylor. It is our honor to have your business and look forward to helping you jump start your career.


Freddie  Taylor

Project Manager

Think Taylor

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