Balance: 2010 Chicago Marathon Training, Week 1

Running the Chicago Marathon has been a life goal of mine for about 15 years. Well, this is the year that I make it a reality. 2010 Chicago Marathon is on my goals list. My money is paid for the event. And I have officially started my training for it. Therefore, I will get it done.

Each week, I will share with you a video presentation of my workout and training during the week, letting you know where I am in the schedule and how I am feeling. Usually this will be done right after my running on Thursday, like today. I ran, came in and got right in front of the video after pouring me a glass of water, which is the key ingredient in my training program. You should look into it.

My goal is to obviously make the marathon and run all 26.2 miles of it, but really I want to inspire people to think more about their health, reach higher for their goals, and generally do and be more in their every day lives. You can do it, and I will help!

Give me some words of encouragement!

And let me know if you are buying into the Health is Wealth movement!

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