9 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Blogging Now!

Our series on business blogging continues with why your business should be blogging. Here we will uncover some of the reasons you need to stop working in the old business paradigm and get connect to the web 2.0 opportunities afforded by the Internet, social media, and your new blog.

Our past articles on business blogging covered What is Blogging and the 6 Characteristics of Business Blogging. If you haven’t had a chance to read those articles, please do so before continuing this article as it is just an extension of those articles. If you have read those articles, then let’s get down to business and talk about why your business should be blogging right now.

9 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Blogging Now

9 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Blogging Now!

9 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Blogging Now!

Let’s get into the 9 reasons your business needs to be business blogging now. We have been building this list up, but it is critical you understand why business blogging will be great for your business. It seems rather obvious to us, but allow me to spell it out for you.

Differentiation – The facts are clear. Most businesses are slow to move into the blogging space. We feel the reason for this slow adaptation is a lack of understanding of the benefits of business blogging. We will get into the benefits later in this series, but for now you must be aware of how it sets you apart from your competition.

It is more than likely your competition is not blogging on their business website. This fact alone should jolt you into action. You will be able to differentiate yourself from the competition by creating an online outlet to educate your market to the solutions your business can provide them.

Create New Business & Connections – On the Internet is literally the entire world. You never know the connections and new business you can generate out there. However, if you are not involved, you will definitely not have these opportunities.

Our recommendation is that you get off the sidelines and into the game. There are too many opportunities and people waiting to connect to your business, but they have not been sparked enough to take action. Adding business blogging to your arsenal of marketing activities might be just what you need to spark a connection.

Business Promotion & Media Opportunities – The media are constantly looking for people to interview and connect with that are resources in various industries. Setting up a business blog and using it could help you establish these connections. In the end, it could be the new form of business promotion you are looking for take things to the next level.

Business blogging is perfect for search engine marketing because the very nature of a blog. They are designed to be search engine friendly, so this definitely beneficial. The relevant and new content helps to continually attract the search engine spiders to your website, which is wonderful for your search engine marketing efforts.

Business Growth – There may be new opportunities and niches for your business that can only be developed through pursuit. By starting your business blogging now, you will be able to discuss, communicate, research and consider these new options for your business. This process of blogging can bring about growth in your business as you discover new outlets for your core competencies and even develop more of them in the process. This could lead to new products, books, courses, speaking opportunities, and more.

New Communication Channel To Your Market – Business is a contact sport. The more contact you have with your market the better. Starting your business blogging now gives you another outlet to reach and communicate with your target market. You can communicate with them in detail using written content, video content, pictures, even drawings if you like. The versatility is wonderful and something your business cannot afford to pass up at this critical point of your future.

More Visibility For Your Business – The one thing every business can use is more visibility in their marketplace. Creating and using your business blog goes a long way to achieve this aim.

Position Yourself & Business as an Expert – Business blogging gives you a no holds barred platform to demonstrate your expertise in your industry. In addition, it gives people a place to regularly find your content and confirm your skill, knowledge, and understanding of the industry. All of this equates to you and your business being an expert in your industry. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is a wonderful thing for your future.

Maximize Social Media Marketing Efforts – A website and blog is the true foundation of your social media marketing efforts. There is no point in running around the Internet promoting your business, meeting new people, and social networking if you are not going to send to outstanding content. Your blog is a place to provide this endless source of content for your social media market.

To top all of these reasons off of why your business should be blogging, the final one is the cost. That’s right, blogging is so cost effective it is sickening that you haven’t started by now. The ROI potential is off the charts, so please consider picking up your laptops and getting started blogging today.

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