8 Great Ways To Use Skype In Your Business

If you are not using Skype by now in your business, then it is time for you to take note and start. Skype is a free (some paid options available) service owned by Microsoft that allows you to make phone and video calls. Thanks to people like Oprah, Good Morning America and Ellen using these technology on their shows, the more and more popular Skype has become.

There are many great reasons for you to use Skype as a regular person, but today I want to share with you eight ways you can use it in your business to make you more efficient and effective as a business owner.

8 Great Ways To Use Skype in Your Business

8 Great Ways to use Skype In Your Business

8 Great Ways to use Skype In Your Business

You don’t have to use the tool known as Skype in all eight of these ways, but you should consider each one moving forward. It can only help your business moving forward. And if you have any suggestions you would like to share with us, please feel free to do so in the comment section below. Let’s jump into the content.


First up is using Skype as a networking tool. I can’t tell you how successful I have used Skype as a networking tool. In the world of marketing and constant contact, Skype has been a savior for this business. It has allowed me to stay in touch with some wonderful people who have beenĀ invaluableĀ in to my business and continue to be as well. Without Skype, many of these relationships would not have been possible as many of these people live all around the world. The Skype technology has ensured they were only a few keystrokes away.


Building on the networking idea above, masterminding has been critical in my business, but Skype has been a main tool to facilitate this networking. I have been able to hold mastermind sessions with some great people that have helped me take my business and understanding to the next level. I am sure there is a short list of people you could keep in contact with via Skype to hold planned mastermind sessions with, right?

Getting Help

If you have a solid list of Skype contacts on deck and available as I have had the fortunate opportunity, then you should find no shortage of people available to help you out with situations that might arise in your business, on your website, or in the world of social media. Your contacts on Skype could be a key resource to helping you get out of a jam or finding that one piece of information you have looked for and need to help your client.

Conference Calls

Since Skype allows free Skype to Skype calls, you could set up a video chat with multiple people to hold your conference calls. It is a great way to bring people together, get work done, without having to leave the office or home. More people than you realize have Skype on their computers or even their phones, so the reach is wonderful and the clarity is shocking.

Customer Service

Here is an opportunity to bring a high touch feel to your business. If a client is having an issue, invite them to a Skype video chat to resolve their issues. You can get some face to face time thanks to the technology while solving their issues. Your clients will appreciate your availability and the service doesn’t cost you a dime.


This is probably the best use for Skype in my business. I conduct training sessions all the time using the technology. Once a client gets on a Skype chat with me, I switch over to share my screen mode, then walk them through the processes they need to understand. This could be how to edit their website, update their social media outlet, or configure a piece of software they are using.

The clients love it because they are able to see exactly what I am talking about. They can minimize the screen, try the process themselves, and come back to my screen for pointers or more direction. All the time, they are able to hear my voice and follow my directions. It has been a really great tool for training, building, and growing my business.

Here is how you can share your screen on Skype: How To Use Skype Screen Cast in Your Business


Building off the Skype Screen cast and sharing your screen, you could do presentations over the platform as well. It is very simple to load up your PowerPoint presentation, then proceed to talk over the various slides to a potential client. They would be allowed to answer questions as they saw fit during the presentation. In addition, you could invite multiple people as well to the presentation and do a group presentation without leaving your home.

Record Audio

This is something I learned researching Skype for this article, but you can record audio on the platform as well. As you are training a client or presenting your sales pitch, you could hit the record button. This will allow you to capture an audio and record it in mp3 format. You could do multiple things with this recording like upload it to your PodCast, send the link out to the rest of your clients, or stream it right from your website.

Skype is a great tool for business owners that is going unused. I don’t think many people realize the wonderful benefits to their business that await them. If only someone would breakdown the different ways Skype could be used for business owners. Oh, that’s right….I just did.

Hopefully, you enjoyed the ideas and are able to use a few of them in your business. We have to take advantage of technology and not be a victim of it.

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