7 Reasons To Start eMail Marketing In Your Business Now

At some point in your business, you have considered eMail marketing. Maybe you didn’t jump at the opportunity because you didn’t think it was effective. Perhaps you felt all of your email correspondents would end up in the spam pile with the rest of the junk you receive on a daily basis, but it doesn’t have to turn out this way.

You should be using eMail marketing in your business because contrary to what you have been led to believe, it is effective. Most major corporations are using eMail marketing for one reason and one reason only, it works. However, perhaps you still need a little bit of persuading as to why you need to incorporate this form of marketing into your business.

7 Reasons To Start eMail Marketing In Your Business Now

7 Reasons to Start Using eMail Marketing In Your Business

7 Reasons to Start Using eMail Marketing In Your Business

The aim of my article today is to give you the seven reasons you need to start eMail marketing in your business now. This is something you can no longer afford to ignore. If set up correctly, you won’t have to do much in the way of effort, but still reap the benefits.

Your Market Uses eMail

There is no denying the fact. eMail is very popular. It is likely 90% or more of your target market uses email each and every day. This creates an incredible opportunity for your business to gain valuable impressions in front of them. Your market uses eMail for their businesses, jobs, personal life, dating, to gather information, and much more. They spend a vast percentage of their day inside of their email inboxes, so why not be there waiting for them to communicate and do business with you?

eMail Marketing Tools

Since the establishment of eMail marketing, there have been vast improvements to the tools and options you have available. With such  tools as autoresponders, opt-in forms, and even social media, you are able to effortlessly communicate with your target audience with minimum effort.

Autoresponders allow you create a set of eMail messages to be sent to your eMail list at intervals you set without any human interaction. The opt-in forms allow your customers and clients to sign up for these list, again without any human interaction.

Low Cost of Entry

The cost of eMail marketing is rather inexpensive. To take advantage of auto-responders and opt-in list mentioned above will cost you roughly $190/yr. for a system like Aweber – eMail, autoresponder system (Affiliate link). This is the system we have used in our business for the past six years now and found it to be worth every penny. There are other services on the market, but this is the one we recommend.

Mobile Phone Proliferation

Not sure if you have noticed, the explosion of mobile phones have hit the planet in a big way. Not only do more people have mobile phones than every, they have smart phones. These phones have touch screen technology. They are fast, easy to use, and affordable, which is putting them into the hands of more and more of your target market.

What does all of this mean for email marketing? It means more and more opportunity for your eMail marketing campaign to reach your target market. Every time a person receives an email, it goes to their eMail account. That email account is accessible from their mobile phones, which is near them just about 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This creates an  incredible opportunity to reach your target market throughout the day.

Targeted Marketing

If you are buying email list, then you can select very specific demographics, location, occupations, and more to ensure you are reaching the correct target market. This makes all the difference in email marketing campaigns as your mess must be relevant to those receiving the message. eMail marketing allows you to do this.

If you are collecting and building your own email list, then then your list will be even more targeted because only those seriously interested in your product or service will sign up for the list. This gives you access to them and their buying power.

Perfect for Local Businesses Using Coupon Marketing

eMail marketing is a must for local businesses. You get the opportunity to connect with your customers regularly. And if you are attempting to offer coupons for discounts in exchange for the opportunity to establish a long term relationship with the customer, then email marketing is a must.

You can take the Groupon model and email out coupons for your customer base to use at your store when they are in need of your product or service. This is a great way to keep your business at the top of the customers mind, but also a way to entice them to forward the information along to a friend that may be in need.

Provides Instant Feedback

The Aweber eMail marketing system I recommended above and many of the competing companies offer instant feedback on your email marketing campaigns. You can see how many people you emailed your marketing message to. How many people opened the message, what percentage clicked through to your website on your offer, and finally you will know if you have had conversions or not. Tell me this isn’t instant feedback for your marketing efforts?

In short, email marketing is awesome. it is about time for you to seriously consider this form of marketing in your business. eMail marketing can no longer be ignored.

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