6 Characteristics of Business Blogging

Business blogging is the subject of our discussions here on Think Taylor lately. In our last post, we described to you What is Business Blogging? If you haven’t had a chance to read that article, please take a moment to do so, but now we turn our attention to the 6 characteristics of business blogging.

Understanding the various elements that go into business blogging as opposed to regular blogging is an important step in your development. There are some very specific things you want to ensure are in your business blog for it to be effective and deliver the correct vibe you want to articulate to your readership.

6 Characteristics of Business Blogging

6 Characteristics of Business Blogging

6 Characteristics of Business Blogging

Let’s get into the various characteristics of business blogging. You don’t have to incorporate all of them into your business blogging activities, but I think the majority of them will prove useful as you develop into a serious business blogger and expand the reach of your website and influence.

Business Tone – The tone of your business blog should remain professional depending on the industry you are in these days. Regular blogging is more conversational in nature, but your business blog should be professional. You want to avoid using slang or shorthand. The aim of the business blog is to further position your business or self as an expert in the marketplace. Therefore, you should use words and a tone that will support this effort.

Industry Specific Information – Inside of your business blogging efforts, you want to ensure you stick to speaking about your industry. Define the topics you will cover, then explore every inch of them. Occassionally, it is fine to cover some external event that effects the lives of your clients, but don’t go overboard. If you wish to wish everyone a Merry Christmas or happy holidays that is fine. However, you should not be reporting the local news or talking about the sports events of the day.

Make sure you stick to task in order to brand your website and business blogging efforts as a quality source of information for your clients and customers to learn more about the industry and business. You want to be reliable and dependable, so they feel comfortable bookmarking your website to come back for more industry specific information when they desire it.

Educational & Informative – As mentioned above, business blogging is different than regular blogging. You want to make sure you are educating and informing your audience. Your aim in each blog post is to ensure your reader will gain some new piece of information they were not aware of previously. This way you can continue to build them up and further position yourself as an expert in the eyes of your reader.

Keep Stakeholders in Mind – When you are business blogging, be sure to think about your readers. These stakeholders can be internal of your organization. Internal readers of your business blog could be upper management, peers, associates, team members, even investors in the company.

External stakeholders or readers of your blog could be current or past customers, future customers, the media, even local politicians. Because of the diverse range of potential readers of your blog, it is critical you adhere to the first characteristic which is to keep your blog professional in tone.

Consistent – Once you start business blogging, you want to make sure you stick with it. Posting a new blog once every quarter might not be often enough. Take advantage of this opportunity to open up to your market, bond with them, and educate them in ways they may not have thought about before. Most of all, be consistent in your delivery of information because it will build trust and credibility in your company with the readers. This is something you despairingly need in order to be successful.

Brand Building – Adhering to all the characteristics above will build brand strength in your company. The consistency builds trust, which ads to your brand. In addition, you want to ensure the language and tone of the blog is consistent with all other marketing efforts in your company. The same is true with the imagery you use inside of the blog. It should all be consistent with your other marketing materials.

Take these characteristics seriously as you evolve into a business blogger and we believe they will serve you very well in your near future. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to ask them in the comment section below. But be sure to check out our next installation on business blogging.

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