3 Elements Your Website Must Have

Our websites have so many functions, but there are 3 elements your website must convey or you are really cheating yourself and your business. Don’t worry if you don’t have them yet incorporated into your website, you have time to get this done and it is an evolving process.

If you have ever had a public speaking course in college or joined a Toastmasters organization, then you are probably familiar with these three terms: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. They are very common in the public speaking circuit, but also very important when it comes to your website. Today, it is my aim to make you aware of them for the future. In follow-up articles, we will show you exactly how to implement these elements into your website.

3 Elements Your Website Must Have

3 Elements Your Website Must Convey

3 Elements Your Website Must Convey

Don’t worry, to ensure your website convey’s these three elements, you don’t have to start doing live videos on your website or anything like this…..although videos on the website will not hurt. You may want to make some tweaks and changes to your website to ensure these elements are present. It can only enhance your business and web presence over the long haul.

1. Ethos

A website with Ethos built-in makes an appeal to your market based on credibility and trust. Every business needs to establish credibility and trust with their market. Building credibility and trust, ethos, creates a positive atmosphere where your market believes what you say and will listen to you when you say your business is the solution to their issues.

Where there is no trust, no ethos, there cannot be a thriving business relationship between you and your market. Without it, they will sit around ignoring you because clearly they would rather listen to someone else and allow them to satisfy their needs. You have to focus on building trust, credibility and ethos with your market. There are some very simple ways to get this done as we will explain in the next article. For now, understand it is critical to your business.

2. Logos

A website with Logos makes an appeal to your market based on logic and reason. You want to ensure your message is logical an dwell developed when presenting to your audience. A confusing message based on scare tactics or them having faith in you might work in the short run, but it is not going to work over the long haul.

You have to make a credible appeal based on logic, reason, and facts. Tell them why your product is better than the others in the marketplace. Explain to your clients how the process works, the science behind your technology or method. Demonstrate to them logically why your product or service is the best for solving their issues. If it makes sense and you have the appropriate amount of ethos built, then they will do business with you.

3. Pathos

A website with Pathos built-in makes an appeal to your market based on emotions or needs of the marketplace. Most consumers and people act based on emotion rather than reason. Reason and logos are critical to have in your website, but understand there is much power in appealing to the emotional side of your marketplace.

People are apt to make quick decisions if you can get their emotional juices flowing in the right direction. Mixed with an effective ethos and logos appeal, then it is quite effective. It may take some time tweaking your message and website to get the right balance of pathos included, but it will be well worth the effort.

In future articles, we will breakdown each of these elements and tell you specifically how to include each one into your website. You don’t have to live without these elements in your website and you shouldn’t. They are the cornerstones of your future, so be sure to take advantage. Look for these three articles coming in the next few weeks to Think Taylor’s Online Strategy Sessions.

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