#003 Reading Challenge Update

Greetings good people!

Another week has past and an opportunity to really rack up some pages read.

As you know, I follow the 25 pages a day routine…at least I try.  5 Days a week, M-F, is the goal, but this week I didn’t read all five days. Not mad at my performance because I still put some good reading in, getting 100 pages read this week. 4 days of reading…and I might sneak some in today, but we will see.

confessions of a scholarship winnerBook #4:  Confessions of a Scholarship Winner.

Finished Book #3 of the year, Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill and started #4 Confessions of a Scholarship Winner. Seems like an interesting read. With an 11th grader in the house, I know it is timely.

How ANY student–including YOU!–can win scholarships and earn free money for college!

On the first day of high school, Kristina Ellis’s mom–a single, working mother who lost her husband to cancer–informed her that she could not financially support her after graduation. Kristina would need to find her own way to pay for college.

As an average student with less-than-impressive test scores, Kristina realized she would have to sell herself to scholarship committees if she wanted to stand out. That’s when she devised the plan that led to her receiving over $500,000 in scholarships–enough to pay for her full education at a top- 20 university, all the way through her doctoral degree, and make her dreams come true.

How she made it happen–and how you can too!–is the focus of this book. In Confessions of a Scholarship Winner, Kristina shares not just her little-known secrets for scholarship success but her incredibly inspiring story.

Looking forward to digging into this one, but more excited about being on pace to complete my goal of reading 40 books in 2015.

You can keep track of my 2015 reading on my Pinterest page for it. I post the books as I am reading them. Or you can see what i’ve been reading there as well.

Hope you are well on your way to your reading goals.

Keep me posted. Would love to hear how you doing.

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